Daniel Foster

It's Like Tinder, but Without the Sex

Hey everyone, my name is Daniel Foster.You can call me Dan for short, but then again you can’t call me, because this is a written document and you don’t have my number. Logistics aside, welcome to JTWO Films!

Although I am not Patrick Stewart, I know what you are thinking. “Please for the love of god, don’t let me mess this up!”.  Relax, take a deep breath, and pet one of these amazingly friendly puppies. Now, I have only been here for a few days, but can already tell this is the kind of environment that you learn the most in. JTWO was a glistening light in the smog that is post college. Application after application with little to no response, best describes the months of disappointment following graduation. I was starting to lose hope and felt like Tom Hanks on his stranded island, where the only thing I had was my film degree.

Tom Hanks

Luckily, JTWO took a chance and gave me an internship I couldn’t be more happy about.

You have a relaxed, but professional group of leaders, kind and helpful interns, and amazing gear that industry professionals use. Those three things will make this not only insightful, but a lot of fun! Some tips I can give in your first few days are memorize the boot camp. This tool is insanely well put together and very helpful moving forward. I was constantly looking back to ensure that i was following the proper protocol with footage and will surely reference long after my time here.

When in doubt, ask questions! You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out everything, sometimes the simplest solution is simply asking someone.Of course, you should do some research on your own. A Lot of the things you work with have answers to questions via the internet. That cool thing that is useful for more things than your “ME” time.

Do Not Disturb

With that said, this is an internship built to give you knowledge to succeed. So don’t pull a Sherlock Holmes and over analyze something for four seasons, just ask questions! I promise they won’t think any less of you……..well maybe Jelani.

I am very eager to get rolling on some projects. The fact that you’re going to spend most your day doing something you went to school for should excite you. This is the time to make yourself stand out, so be sure to come here with your game face on.

Game Face Bro

Now let’s come full circle with the answer to your question, how is this anything like Tinder? Well……Lemme actually think and make up something. Ok, got it! You built your profile, you put yourself out there, and now you have matched with something really special. You’re going to have those few awkward first exchanges, but eventually things could turn out really sexy (As in the projects that you’re going to be working on). See, told you I could do it.

It's a Match

Now enough motivation, go kick some ass.