At JTWO, we specialize in providing world-class video production services in Philadelphia. We recently had the opportunity to showcase our design expertise through a collaboration with MLB Rookie of the Year Julio Rodriguez and longtime creative partner, Victus Sports. The project was the creation of the Limited JROD HRD Autographed Collector’s Pack, which was a celebration of Julio Rodriguez’s outstanding performance at the 2022 Home Run Derby.

Our talented design team was responsible for bringing the vision to life, crafting everything from the Collector’s Box to the Artist Card and Authenticity Card. The design of the Collector’s Box was inspired by the graffiti design of the bat, and our team worked tirelessly to ensure that the packaging reflected the unique style and personality of Julio Rodriguez.

The Limited Edition Collector’s Pack retailed for $1000.00 each, with only 44 packs created. This exclusivity only added to the excitement surrounding the project, and within just 12 hours of its launch, all 44 packs had sold out. This success is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our design team, as well as the quality of the product they created.

In addition to the Collector’s Pack, our team also created social media advertisements for the project. We wanted to ensure that the launch of the Limited JROD HRD Autographed Collector’s Pack received the recognition it deserved, and our advertisements helped to build excitement and drive sales.

At JTWO, we believe in the power of design and its ability to bring a vision to life. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing clients with high-quality design solutions, and the success of this project is just one example of our commitment to excellence.