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We are proud to announce that our DLYGAF project has been featured in Philly AD News. Read the entire write up below.

Shaq and JTWO want you to Drive Like You Give a F*#K!

“Philly based film production company, JTWO Films recently partnered with NBA Legend Shaquille O’Neal and to produce a national safe driving campaign reminding drivers to Drive Like You Give A F*#K!

The new campaign, JTWO’s tenth project with O’Neal, features a series of public service announcements and social media ads unlike anything you’ve ever scene before targeting young adults in an attempt to get them to think twice about driving impaired.  Drive Like You Give A F*#K follows the story of the fictional Responsible Driving Enforcement Agency’s Chief O’Neil and Officer Vasquez as they review the case files of several impaired driving offenders. Each offender has their own backstory representing one of the four big “D’s” of Impaired Driving – Drunk, Drugged, Distracted and Drowsy – via the offender’s characterizations. A Drunk hard partying Sailor, a Drugged prescription pill popping Grandma, a Drowsy overworked Clown and an average looking Distracted John Smith all of which provide comedic relief throughout.

The spots Directed by JTWO’s Justin Jarrett and Produced by JTWO’s Travis Capacete and Jelani Thomas were produced completely in-house by JTWO from concept through post-production and filmed on their RED Weapon 8k Helium Cinema Camera over the course of several shoots in Philadelphia, Washington, DC and Atlanta.

JTWO has worked with several national non-profit organizations around the country via their Projects That Matter Initiative. The Initiative, which was launched seven years ago with the mission of  providing creative content production services to Non-Profits at affordable costs has been incredibly successful with JTWO filming documentaries and brand films in Haiti, Kenya, India and seemingly every part of the U.S. They have worked with everyone from Olympic Gold Medalist Simone Biles, the YMCA, Walmart and The United Nations to local charitable organizations such as the Eagles Charitable Foundation, Bringing Hope Home and The Franklin Institute.”