For Aaron: The Documentary Available to Stream

For the first time, the award winning film,  For Aaron: The Documentary is available to Download and Stream on All Proceeds will go to the Aaron Klinger Memorial Scholarship Fund at Milton Area Senior High School as part of our Projects That Matter Initiative.

JTWO is proud to share the news of the recent release of the award-winning documentary, For Aaron: The Documentary. Directed by Justin Jarrett and executive produced by James Brown of CBS’s “NFL Today” and Showtime’s “Inside the NFL,” this heartwarming true story follows the journey of three friends who cycle across America to honor their fallen friend, Aaron Klinger.

The making of For Aaron: The Documentary was a truly unforgettable experience for everyone involved. The journey covered 17 states, 6000 miles, and took 65 days to complete, offering a unique and intimate look into the power of friendship, faith, and family. The film is not just about cycling and coping with loss, but about living life to the fullest, embracing self-discovery, and cherishing the memories that define us.

For Aaron: The Documentary was created as a way for the director, Justin Jarrett, to deal with his own grief after the passing of Aaron Klinger. Justin found solace in sharing his coping process with the world, in the hopes that it might inspire others to find strength in their own lives. The film is a testament to the power of love and service, and a reminder to never take a single moment for granted.

All proceeds from the film will be donated to the Aaron Klinger Memorial Scholarship Fund at Milton Area Senior High School in Milton, Pennsylvania. Each year, a scholarship will be granted in Aaron’s honor to a student who is pursuing a similar career path, with the goal of keeping Aaron’s memory alive and inspiring future generations.

For JTWO, For Aaron: The Documentary represents a powerful opportunity to create a meaningful impact in the world through film. The film is now available to download and stream on, offering viewers a chance to experience this life-changing journey for themselves and to support the important work of the Aaron Klinger Memorial Scholarship Fund.

For Aaron: The Documentary is more than just a film about cycling across America. It’s a tribute to a fallen friend, a source of inspiration for those who have experienced loss, and a call to action for everyone to embrace life with open arms and live each day to the fullest. As a leading video production company in Philadelphia, JTWO is honored to have played a role in bringing this story to life and to be a part of the movement to make a difference in the world, one film at a time.

Written & Directed by Justin Jarrett
Executive Produced by James Brown

* Docufest Atlanta Best Documentary Winner
* Puerto Rico International Film Festival Best Documentary Feature Winner
* New Hope International Film Festival Artistic Spirit Award Winner
* New Hope International Film Festival Audience Choice Winner
* Bicycle Film Festival DC: Special Screening
* Indie Gathering Film Festival Best Documentary Feature Winner
* Official Selection – Costa Rica International Film Festival

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