We recently premiered the TV Show, Life Aid: A Story of Hope on the Discovery Channel, Science Channel, and American Heroes Channel. In partnership with Al Roker Entertainment and the Life Aid Research Institute, production began before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States, while the post production was completed remotely from our editors’ homes. The special follows the story of several veterans and first responders, as well as their struggles with PTSD, depression, and thoughts of suicide. Abandoned by the country for which they sacrificed so much,  many of these heroes and their families felt that hope wasn’t even a possibility. But thanks to Life Aid, they now have a reason to believe in a better future. With access to neurological healthcare and many different mental health services, recovery isn’t just a dream anymore.

This project is very sentimental to our crew. In addition to being our first full length television feature, our team believed this was a story that needed to be shared. We are grateful for the opportunity to help give our service members a voice on a national stage. During production, we were able to film many incredible interviews that gave our crew new perspectives on sacrifice, pain, and the human spirit. We hope that this story will inspire you as much as it inspired us.

We were happy to premiere this special on the Discovery channel and its sister stations Science Channel and American Heroes Channel. Director Justin Jarrett states, “…growing up I always loved Discovery and early on it was actually a dream of mine to work for the network as a young filmmaker, so it’s been fun watching everything come full circle, especially on a project that I so deeply care about.”

Paco's Story


After losing numerous close friends while on tour overseas, retired Airborne Paratrooper, Paco, has struggled with PTSD and depression which has led to thoughts of suicide.

After struggling with the way medications made him feel, Paco seeks alternative methods of treatment such as Yoga and Hyberbaric treatment in order to find peace.