JTWO Collaborates with FIRE on Mighty Ira Documentary

We recently partnered with The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) to assist in the post production process for their feature length documentary, Mighty IraBased on the life of Ira Glasser, the former executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union, this film chronicles his life story and the events surrounding the ACLU when a party of Neo Nazis decided to march on Skokie, Illinois to protest the desegregation of their neighborhoods. Part of the Projects That Matter initiative, the Mighty Ira documentary raises the question: Does the first amendment of the United States constitution protect the free speech of hate groups such as Nazis? Such a complex question requires an even more complex answer, one which Ira Glasser and other ACLU members beautifully articulate throughout the length of the film. Featuring interviews from lawyers, activists, and holocaust survivors, this film is sure to inspire questions about liberty, protest, and individual rights.


Mighty Ira is coming soon to select streaming platforms and Blu-ray DVD.


JTWO Premieres TV Show on Discovery Channel

We recently premiered the TV Show, Life Aid: A Story of Hope on the Discovery Channel, Science Channel, and American Heroes Channel. In partnership with Al Roker Entertainment and the Life Aid Research Institute, production began before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States, while the post production was completed remotely from our editors’ homes. The special follows the story of several veterans and first responders, as well as their struggles with PTSD, depression, and thoughts of suicide. Abandoned by the country for which they sacrificed so much,  many of these heroes and their families felt that hope wasn’t even a possibility. But thanks to Life Aid, they now have a reason to believe in a better future. With access to neurological healthcare and many different mental health services, recovery isn’t just a dream anymore.

This project is very sentimental to our crew. In addition to being our first full length television feature, our team believed this was a story that needed to be shared. We are grateful for the opportunity to help give our service members a voice on a national stage. During production, we were able to film many incredible interviews that gave our crew new perspectives on sacrifice, pain, and the human spirit. We hope that this story will inspire you as much as it inspired us.

We were happy to premiere this special on the Discovery channel and its sister stations Science Channel and American Heroes Channel. Director Justin Jarrett states, “…growing up I always loved Discovery and early on it was actually a dream of mine to work for the network as a young filmmaker, so it’s been fun watching everything come full circle, especially on a project that I so deeply care about.”

Paco's Story


After losing numerous close friends while on tour overseas, retired Airborne Paratrooper, Paco, has struggled with PTSD and depression which has led to thoughts of suicide.

After struggling with the way medications made him feel, Paco seeks alternative methods of treatment such as Yoga and Hyberbaric treatment in order to find peace.



JTWO Begins Production on TV Show About PTSD


As a production company, we are no stranger to working on big projects on a national stage. From commercials to feature films we have produced them all throughout our ten years of operation. However, our next project might be the most important to date.

As part of our vaunted, Projects That Matter Initiative that works directly with non-profit organizations to create content, we are set to produce a new television show about the dangerous effects of PTSD within the military and first responder community and how cutting-edge technology is being used to identify and treat it. We have partnered with frequent collaborator Al Roker Entertainment to produce the one-hour television special set to air later this year.

The show will be directed by Creative Director Justin Jarrett and Produced by Rick Angeli as part of a new campaign for the organization, LifeAid. The special, which wasn’t completely wrapped filming before the country went into mandatory lockdown due to the virus has continued production through online collaboration tools.

LifeAid is an organization that seeks to reduce veteran and first responder suicides with a new scientific approach. By creating a bridge between technology and mental healthcare to treat brain injuries vs. mental health symptoms, LifeAid offers veterans, first responders and their families new opportunities for peer support, access to new healthcare technology, and individualized therapy programs to heal the brain, reduce pain, and restore purpose.

The show will focus on the stories of several military veterans and 9/11 first responders on their journey to recovery as they explore new therapies and treatments with doctors from around the U.S.

In addition to the television show, our crew will also produce several Public Service Announcements for TV and Radio informing the general public how they can get involved. All of the post-production will be handled by our creative team under the direction of Justin Jarrett.

JTWO and Fred's Footsteps Tell Inspiring Story of Jaelyn Brown


Our team was absolutely thrilled to work with Fred’s Footsteps again to tell the story of Jaelyn Brown. We travelled to Sicklerville, NJ to sit down with Jaelyn and her family. After finding out that she had liver cancer and needed a double amputation of her legs, Jaelyn needed all the help she could get. After her mother left work to care for her, Fred’s Footsteps  helped the family financially while Jaelyn fought hard to recover. Directed by Maria Cantu, this video is one of many stories we’ve been able to share with Fred’s Footsteps. We are humbled and honored to be able to tell the story of Jaelyn Brown with the world.


Client: Fred's Footsteps

Watch the incredible story of Jaelyn’s Journey.



JTWO Produces Bowie State University Spots


Our team recently had the pleasure of traveling to Maryland with Trenton-based creative agency, EFK Group, to produce a set of commercials for Bowie State University. We spent three days on campus to capture what the university has to offer. As a result, we had the opportunity to witness some of Bowie State’s arts, sports, and student life. After making a :30 and :60 TV spot, we went above and beyond and released a director’s cut of each. Watch below to see how Bowie State University is changing the game of secondary education and taking tomorrow boldly.

Bowie State University :60 Director's Cut

Client: EFK Group

Watch the :60 Bowie State University director’s cut here


Bowie State University :30 Director's Cut

Client: EFK Group

Watch the :30 Bowie State University director’s cut here


JTWO Produces National Commercials for PrimoHoagies


We had to pleasure of working with award-winning director and food aficionados Dominic Episcopo on PrimoHoagies “Our House” and “Tango” commercials. The two commercials were written by JTWO’s  Justin Jarrett and Bart Woodward. They were filmed on location in Philadelphia and are aimed at introducing PrimoHoagies to a larger audience as they continue to expand their national presence.

PrimoHoagies - "Our House"

Client: Primo Hoagies

Our team recently partnered with Philadelphia sandwich staple, PrimoHoagies to write and produce several new national commercial spots.


Our crew shot these commercials through the night into the early morning from 8pm to 8am at one of PrimoHoagies main locations. Both of these commercials will be airing throughout the 2019 Philadelphia Eagles television broadcasts. JTWO Producer Travis Capacete mentioned, “This was one of the more attention to detail commercials we have shot recently. I know our team is extremely happy with how these two commercials have turned out. We look forward to going further into production with PrimoHoagies in the future.”

PrimoHoagies - "TANGO"

Tango, the second of two spots, showcases their award winning bread, fresh meats, cheeses and produce that makes up a signature Primo.



Cleveland cavaliers responsibility.org

JTWO Teams up with the Cleveland Cavaliers

responsibility.org cavaliers

We worked with our longtime partner Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility to complete the latest video in their Responsibility Starts with Me campaign.  This video focuses on the importance of responsible decision making in the lives of both staff and patrons of the Cleveland Cavaliers.


Producer – Travis Capacete
Cinematographer – Sebastian Nieves
Cinematographer – Jason Miller
Location Sound – Jelani Thomas

This project was made possible through our Projects That Matter Initiative.  The Projects That Matter Initiative is a Philadelphia based video production program with the mission of  providing professional digital media services to Non-Profits at a discounted rate. To learn more about how your organization can join the initiative and qualify for creative content production discounts click below.

penn relays

JTWO Set to Produce 125 Years of Penn Relays Documentary

penn relays

In 2019 our team is partnering with the University of Pennsylvania to produce a feature length documentary celebrating 125 years of Penn Relays, the longest uninterrupted collegiate track and field event in the history of sport. At the start of Penn Relays in 1895, the audience has grown from a mere 5,000 speculators to over 113,000, residing as the most watched meet in the world, aside from the Olympics and World Championship.

As the first invitational track meet to welcome all races and schools, the Penn Relays have played a monumental role in both the culture of Philadelphia and the entire country by requiring acceptance for all athletes, and encouraging institutions to reevaluate the way they handle racism. As Philadelphia natives, our team is beyond grateful for the opportunity to commemorate a world renowned event that changed the history of our beloved city.

 “As I look back now, I realize that the Relays we thus created made track training and competition not only more enjoyable but more significant as well.  Now four runners join for a common purpose: team victory. Individual effort is still present but it is individual effort within and for the team.  If the team wins, each runner wins; if the team loses, each runner loses.  This is a great idea, the very essence of our American democracy, especially since this idea always ends in action, not in mere words. This is, I believe, the great value of relay running.”

Frank Ellis, Creator of Penn Relays

janssen immunology

JTWO Produces New Addition to Janssen Storyteller Series


Following the launch of the Janssen Immunology story, Janssen challenged us to create a way to continue the next chapter by creating a series of videos highlighting the hardworking scientists dedicated to innovation for people living with and susceptible to immune diseases for the Janssen Global channel. With every project comes a new and unique story of vulnerability and strength that ultimately brings us closer to the inspiring journeys of their people.

In this year’s Storyteller Series video, you meet Shawn and Marisa, two different people with two different stories who are united in their mission to transform the lives of people living with Lupus, together.

JTWO Produces Fred's Footsteps Imagine Commercial

This Summer we teamed up with our long time client Fred’s Footsteps, a local organization that provides financial support to families during a child’s illness or injury, to produce a commercial showcasing the positive impact they have made on the daily lives of so many families.