Light um Up


We recently had the opportunity to work with UK based Lighting Design company, Eulum Design.

We built Eulum’s website a few years ago, but it was time for an upgrade and they came back to our team to make it happen.

As we covered in our last post, we are so much more than just a video production company – we build websites, design campaigns, and craft stories. This project called for it all. We rebuilt their website from the ground up based on super specific criteria based on how Eulum operates in order to meet their needs. We also shot and produced brand videos that were incorporated throughout their website. We even designed an entire Trade Show Booth for their LIGHTFAIR International 2016 at the San Diego Convention Centre.

Axe Bats Commercial

Our partner company FullCircle Intermedia was recently tasked with creating the first commercial tv spot for the revolutionary, AXE Bats. Axe is a Seattle based baseball bat manufacturer owned by the legendary, Baden Sports.Read more

Welcome to FullCircle

Welcome to FullCircle

I’ve assembled a team of award winning branding professionals, documentarians and filmmakers to create the most innovative, interactive branding platform in the industry.

– “JB” James Brown, Chairman FullCircle Intermedia

Kurt Coleman Brand

Kurt Coleman Website

We are proud to announce a partnership with Philadelphia Eagles safety Kurt Coleman, we will be working with him to establish and create his online digital brand…It’s time you Play It Forward