Our team travelled to the NBA’s Turner Studios to capture former NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal as he once again teamed up with the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility to promote responsible drinking to those planning to drink while their favorite teams are shooting hoops during March Madness.

Responsibility.org created the Virtual Bar to educate of-age adults about responsible drinking whether hosting or attending parties where alcohol is served. It’s all about understanding what it actually means to drink responsibly and, if you choose to drink, how to know your limits.

The Virtual Bar can help explain how different factors affect your blood-alcohol concentration or BAC on an individual level and can also can help you see how your night could go depending on the food you eat, the water you drink throughout the night, and other important variables. The tool is available on line and can also be downloaded as a free app.

The Virtual Bar is available for free from the iTunes App and Google Play stores and is also available online at Responsibility.org/VirtualBar