Introducing Aly Spengler

We are proud to announce the newest addition to our squad, award-winning Director of Photography / Visual Badass, Aly Spengler. We have been working with Aly for a few years now and we absolutely love her work. We couldn’t be more thrilled to add her in a permanent capacity as JTWO’s in-house head of Visual Storytelling.

She began her career producing behind the scenes fashion editorial videos and small-scale documentaries in the winter of 2008. While pursuing her bachelors degree, she worked with local Philadelphia organizations like FringeArts, Govberg Jewelers, iW Magazine, and the Philly iconic, MadDecent. She went on to produce videos for high-end luxury watch brands like Rolex, Breitling, Omega, and Bulova. After graduating with outstanding achievements and winning Best Portfolio in her graduating class, she quickly landed numerous high-profile opportunities working for Comcast, and some of the most elite names within the pharmaceutical industry.

While her core passion lies in documentary and features, she holds a unique admiration for motorcycles and 2-wheeled adventures. She has worked closely with some of the most famous female icons within the motorcycle subculture, as well as being invited to capture and produce work for both The Dream Roll and Babes Ride Out, two of the most prestigious all-female motorcycle events in the United States. These opportunities went on to land her collaboration works with Triumph, and Harley-Davidson.

Projects with Purpose

Because a large part of what we do here at JTWO is create projects through our Projects That Matter Initiative, we knew Aly was the perfect fit while we were looking to expand our team. She has been working on personal social change projects as a documentary filmmaker covering the recent Presidential Election and the Women’s March here in Philadelphia that has caught the eye of media outlets such as the Huffington Post.

In Aly's Words

“Teamwork is the most essential part of this industry. What we see in movies and on television wouldn’t be possible without a carefully curated group of individuals coming together to help execute a common vision. There is no “I” in team. This is not the industry to float on ones ego, but rather, help boost each other up and forward. I love this industry because it has given me the opportunity to meet and work with people from a wide variety of backgrounds. Writers, composers, directors, visual effects artists – those who grew up with riches, and those who grew up poor. We all have our own backstory and what lead us to this field and what keeps us driven and motivated. The thing we have in common is our passion for storytelling, whether it be in pre-production or the fine tuning in post. For some, finding a solid team can be hard to come by, but with JTwo, I have found a home.”