Introducing Ian Schobel

We are proud to announce the newest addition to our team, Ian Schobel. Ian is a recent graduate of our [INC]ubator Project and has been brought on as an Editor. A Temple Media Studies  and Production graduate, Ian comes from a family of professional writers, teachers, and film junkies who all share a common dream for storytelling. Having served as an Editor, DP, and Writer for Temple News he comes with extensive experience in the industry and looks forward to stretching his legs further at JTWO.

A Love For Storytelling

Ian has always had a love for storytelling. Growing up with a teacher and copywriter for parents, books were essentially a home for him. He’d sift through over 3 a week, enticed by the new people and places each story brought him, forever eager for his next adventure. But when it came to film, his interest ran bare. He saw little influence in it, and for most of his childhood steered clear of the television. It wan’t until he entered college and witnessed the daily onslaught of advertisements, news articles, television shows, and movies that he began to experience the extreme impact media has on our lives and the way we interact with the world, and so his interest shifted.

His love for film truly began to develop after a semester abroad in Rome, Italy. Being thrown into a culture so different from his own, Ian knew it wasn’t going to be enough to just live out this experience, and so he started filming it. By the end of his trip, he was able to put together a 20 minute documentary that told the beautiful story of an unforgettable adventure far from home. 

A Match Is Made

Back at Temple, Ian chose the production track and quickly learned how important post production was. He had directed and worked the camera, but never been to the last stop on the storytelling train, editing. Just like an author, the editor had the power to guide the story, embrace it from different perspectives, put its pieces together and make sense out of them. It was a perfect match.