Introducing Maria Vattimo

We are proud to announce the newest addition to our team, Maria Vattimo. Maria is the most recent graduate of our [INC]ubator Project and has been brought on as the head of  Visual Storytelling. Maria has extensive experience working as both a Director of Photography and Cinematographer on Independent Films and Commercials. She will oversee the development of our Visual Department as well as wield our newest toy, the RED Weapon 8k Helium Cine Camera.

Maria’s love for art was inspired by the never ending creativity of her childhood. At one point or another, she was involved in almost every creative outlet that exists. From painting to photography to musical instruments, and even 9 years of ballet, Maria was always encouraged to stay focused and pursue her career in the arts. However, nothing stuck quite like filmmaking and photography.

At the age of 17, Maria was awarded a certificate from the University of Pennsylvania for her work on a feature film highlighting the dangers of drinking and driving. While attending film school at Temple University, Maria began to stretch her legs and explored the freedom that music videos, fashion films, and experimental films bring. Maria has created dance films for some of Philadelphia’s dance companies that have been screened across America. At the age of 21, Maria Vattimo was invited to be an assistant cinematographer and camera operator for the feature film “AyAyAy!” directed by award-winning writer and director, Catalina Jordan Alvarez. Freshly after graduation, Maria began her internship at JTwo, and from her internship blossomed a strong relationship with the team at JTwo.

An Eye for Beauty

An integral part of Maria’s artistic journey is to find beauty in whatever she does. Not only has she helped her fellow interns with projects during their time at JTWO, but she’s also had multiple projects of her own, ranging from short films to feature films, to music videos, to fashion spots. Her artistic vision and unmatched passion is part of what makes her such an amazing addition to the JTWO team.

In Maria's Words

I’ve been a visual person my entire life. I barely spoke a word until I was two years old. However, I don’t take it as a coincidence that all I did up to that point was look around and take it all in. Even now, cameras have allowed me to continue my legacy of just taking it all in, but this time with proof.

Film is a fully immersive experience where visual, technical, musical, and emotional elements all come together for just a few fleeting moments to create something that can outlive us all. That’s why film is so hard; it takes precise coordination, collaboration, undying passion and pressure to create something really great. A film comes together in front of the camera and there’s nowhere I’d rather be than behind it.