We had to pleasure of working with award-winning director and food aficionados Dominic Episcopo on PrimoHoagies “Our House” and “Tango” commercials. The two commercials were written by JTWO’s  Justin Jarrett and Bart Woodward. They were filmed on location in Philadelphia and are aimed at introducing PrimoHoagies to a larger audience as they continue to expand their national presence.

PrimoHoagies - "Our House"

Client: Primo Hoagies

Our team recently partnered with Philadelphia sandwich staple, PrimoHoagies to write and produce several new national commercial spots.


Our crew shot these commercials through the night into the early morning from 8pm to 8am at one of PrimoHoagies main locations. Both of these commercials will be airing throughout the 2019 Philadelphia Eagles television broadcasts. JTWO Producer Travis Capacete mentioned, “This was one of the more attention to detail commercials we have shot recently. I know our team is extremely happy with how these two commercials have turned out. We look forward to going further into production with PrimoHoagies in the future.”

PrimoHoagies - "TANGO"

Tango, the second of two spots, showcases their award winning bread, fresh meats, cheeses and produce that makes up a signature Primo.