More Than Just Video

WORKING WITH c.i. Squared

Many of you know us as a Video Production company – which we absolutely are! However, we are also so much more. More often than not, we are a one stop shop for most of our clients. We concept, write, and create creative campaigns, but then also have the bandwidth to create all of the content to back up our ideas.

A great example of this was our recent work with leadership development and sales training company,  c.i. squared.  They are brought into Fortune 500 companies such as SAP and Johnson & Johnson to help train and develop executive level employees. When they first came to us they thought that even though their training technics were cutting-edge their supporting marketing material was a step behind. Our job was  to change that through a company rebrand.

We started with their story.

Our story guru, Mika Maloney spent a month pouring over data and working with c.i. squared’s founders to craft their brand platform. From there, our graphic designers created a new brand identity. We started with their logo, then all of their print and handout materials such as business cards, envelopes, and presentation collateral. We even overhauled a 100 slide presentation deck to fit their new direction. Then came their brand new website and videos to be incorporated into their site. Each one of these items, down to the last detail plays a role in telling their story. We made sure that every sentence, every frame, every pixel worked in unison with the next. That is why we call ourselves “cross-platform” storytellers.




Week 1 Blog Post

So this is it, my first week at JTWO, I am a video production major at the Community College of Philadelphia and I plan on eventually transferring over to Temple University. Video has always been something that has intrigued me (as you can see in the photo above, that chubby kid holding his mom’s handy-cam is me) and I felt that for me to jumpstart my career in video, the best place was an internship. I didn’t have to look very far to find JTWO’s internship program, Google Search Terms Used: video, internship, Philadelphia; simple as that. Jelani stays on top of his emails, he got back to me in no time and I had a phone interview before I knew it.


When I’m not at school, studying, or at JTWO I’m out filming skateboarding with my friends atLove Park. These past few weeks have been pretty cold but there is not much time left for the Love Park skateboarders know and cherish, so we gotta bundle up. For us, the pressure is on to take advantage of the next few weeks and get any last tricks and clips at the Infamous Love Park before they begin remodeling it completely. So to say the least I’m keeping myself busy.


I am still as eager to get to work as I was before starting the internship. This was a good week to start for me because I don’t start school until the following week so this gave me time to get a good feel on how I need to organize myself to be successful in the coming weeks. Getting acquainted with everyone at the JTWO office and the other interns was great.  I was assigned to re-shoot/re-edit the main video on the JTWO U Website which I am in the process of working on. The premise of the video is based around a narration. The first thing I needed to do was to create a storyboard which is something that I don’t normally do but I think was needed to be organized on this project. Since pitching my ideas to Justin he gave me a few pointers on the direction of the video, I made those changes and am eager to start shooting in week 2. Although I am weary about the logistics of getting the shots that I want to get for the video but I feel ready for the challenge.


Week 1:

INT. Pat’s house – October 2015


I just applied for an internship at a

film production company and

I’m waiting to hear back. 


But you’re a business major?


But you’re a business major?

EXT. Chipotle – October 2015

Friend #1

But you’re a business major?

(Pat starts losing faith and questioning life decisions)

INT. Pat’s house – November 2015

Pat receives email from JTWO account manager Jelani requesting an interview


I got an interview with that

film production company in Philly!


(Looking surprised and confused)

That’s great! What are you going to talk about?

(Pat looks into the distance as he turns pale, assumes fetal position and slowly dies)

This was the rough cut of how I ended up at JTwo and yes, I know what you’re thinking, how could this kid not get hired?! His scripts are so well written! Contrary to popular belief, I was no shoe-in for this job, just a senior majoring in Entrepreneurship who liked to make Flyer’s compilations on iMovie in his spare time, I had no business being in the filmmaking trenches, aside for my obvious passion for film. An avid film fanatic and casual film critic I have always been fascinated with cinema as a medium for storytelling. My plan for the interview was simple: make it painfully obvious that I have been dying for an opportunity like this. Either they believed my genuine plea or just felt bad for me. Frankly, I didn’t care, all I cared about was that I got the job.

So, now for the juicy stuff. My first week at JTwo has consisted of me playing catch up, cramming key terms and trying (unsuccessfully, of course) to sound as knowledgeable as my fellow film-major interns; just trying to keep my head above water. Am I painting you a pretty picture yet? I swear it’s not as arduous as my eloquent writing might have you believe. My first week at JTwo has been everything I hoped it would be, plus the addition of two adorable puppies to make the experience even more enjoyable. Justin, Jelani, Travis and Crista have been nothing but accommodating, encouraging us to pursue our creative visions and giving us complete artistic autonomy. It has already been a more enjoyable experience than my three previous internships combined which were highlighted by my boss bringing in free pretzels on Wednesdays. But let’s be real, who doesn’t like a Philly soft pretzel? Plus, you can get 3 for $1 if you’re balling on a budget. If you’re still reading, I commend you.

The worst part about this internship is the fact that I still have to go to school three days a week. And while I enjoy learning about acid-test ratios and liquidity warnings as much as the next guy, I’d much rather be here creating and discussing Philadelphia’s grim sports outlook with my co-workers. I hope to leave (jk I’m never leaving) JTwo with a better understanding of the filmmaking process, from ideation all the way to post-production and all the mess in between. I hope this post was insightful and if not,you can show this to your friends and laugh, I won’t be offended. Luckily for you, I’ll be back in a couple weeks, hopefully the Sixers will have five wins by then..

Below are some pics if you care (trust me you’ll want to see one of them)

This beauty was found on the computer I’m currently typing on. I know, why didn’t they try to hide this better?? Might get fired for posting this, but it will be well worth it, hopefully you agree.


…and this is how I justify eating Chipotle three times a week


fccla psa

Working with FCCLA

As part of our Projects That Matter Initiative, we recently had the opportunity to partner with Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) to create their first national TV commercial. The extended :60 version also debuted at their Annual National Leadership Conference in San Diego.

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America is a nonprofit national career and technical student organization for young men and women in Family and Consumer Sciences education in public and private school through grade 12. Since 1945, FCCLA members have been making a difference in their families, careers, and communities by addressing important personal, work, and societal issues while expanding their leadership potential. FCCLA offers opportunities for members to explore career pathways while developing skills for life necessary in both the home and workplace.

If you are a non-profit and you are interested in learning more about our Projects That Matter Initiative please visit our site by clicking the button below.

Visit the Projects That Matter Site



Fred's Footsteps

The Luzckowski Family 

Meghann and Len were married almost ten years when they decided to have children. Though they had prepared for their lives to change, the journey that lie ahead would prove to be much rockier than they had expected.

Luzckowski Family: Fred’s Footsteps

Meghann had twin boys, Miles and George, and because of complications, Miles was kept in the hospital more than he’s been home from it. And since the pregnancy, the previously financially stable couple has struggled because of their son’s medical needs.
Families wrestling financial and emotional strain because of the medical needs of their children is not uncommon. Fred’s Footsteps is an organization that has helped not only Meghann and Len, but many other families who experience similar trying journeys.
To hear Meghann and Len’s entire story, stay tuned to and as well as our official vimeo channel



Project India

As part of our partnership with Cora, our Creative Director Justin Jarrett had the pleasure of traveling to India to capture footage for Cora’s Brand film.

Filming took place over two weeks in early March in several cities including, Kolkata, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. The following are excerpts from his travels.


It’s 1:42pm in the afternoon here. I couldn’t even tell you what day of the week it is if you asked. Im sitting outside – just listening.

The sounds here are incredible. I know that may sound strange…but unless you have heard them with your own two ears you wouldn’t understand – as my traveling companion so eloquently put it, “There is chaos and tranquility side by side. Everything is right up against everything else, and all lines begin to blur. It’s a frenetic collage of energies.” There are kids laughing, motors and horns screaming, and fruit and spice vendors calling out in hopes of their next customer. This is the hustle and bustle of a modern day New York City, but it’s not New York City at all – It is Kolkata – the capital city of West Bengal, India.

I am a long way from home. I am currently here on assignment for PTM with the Founder of Cora Women, Molly Hayward. Our mission here is to capture footage and interviews to be used in a company launch project as well an overall larger project that I have been working on for more than two years about women’s rights and education around the world.

Read more about our Journey to India over on our field journal on



For Aaron: The Documentary Available to Stream

For the first time, the award winning film,  For Aaron: The Doc is available to Download and Stream on All Proceeds will go to the Aaron Klinger Memorial Scholarship Fund at Milton Area Senior High School as part of our Projects That Matter Initiative.

From Award-Winning Director Justin Jarrett & Executive Producer James Brown (CBS’s “NFL Today” and Showtime’s “Inside the NFL”), comes the heartwarming true story of three friends cycling across America to keep one final promise to their fallen friend. Follow them as they embark on the greatest journey of their young lives discovering just how far friendship, faith, and family will carry them along the way. One Journey. Three Friends. The trip of a Lifetime.

Written & Directed by Justin Jarrett
Executive Produced by James Brown

* Docufest Atlanta Best Documentary Winner
* Puerto Rico International Film Festival Best Documentary Feature Winner
* New Hope International Film Festival Artistic Spirit Award Winner
* New Hope International Film Festival Audience Choice Winner
* Bicycle Film Festival DC: Special Screening
* Indie Gathering Film Festival Best Documentary Feature Winner
* Official Selection – Costa Rica International Film Festival

For more information visit the Official Website for For Aaron: The Documentary at


Pat Meehan


Week 6 Blog

A month in, time flies. I’ve become a regular at Big Ass Slices and have my hour and a half commute down to a science, although relying on Septa is a dangerous game. My first assignment was to create fifteen second instagram videos about each member of the JTWO team; four in total, and was given three whole weeks to complete it. I fell into the all too familiar, seductive trap of thinking I had time. Things move fast. And my delusions of grandeur got the best of me. This blog is designed to relay one message, and one message only: adhering to strict deadlines and schedules are PARAMOUNT. Delays create tension, compromise creativity and should be avoided like the plague.
You could be the next Hitchcock but if you consistently miss deadlines, this could be your career…

Your career would be like Marion Crane , just to clarify

…Now, I don’t think the great guys at JTWO would go to these lengths but I have to keep you entertained somehow.

I quickly  realized that imagining great shots and actually executing them are rarely correlated. I was having trouble capturing what was in my head on camera, or, what is most commonly referred to as “filmmaking”. Because I neglected to thoroughly outline my shots, I missed my deadline for my project. So, there it is, I failed at my first project which revolved around something I have always wanted to do. I would be lying if I said it didn’t sting. I had dreamed of this type of opportunity for so long, there were no excuses. I had equipment, time, software and was surrounded by experts but couldn’t deliver. Failing sucks. But, don’t ever underestimate its contributions towards achieving success. Failure is the greatest professor in the world. Besides, I wasn’t (that) delusional to just think I was going to walk in here and be the next great thing but a part of me, and of everyone, thinks “oh, maybe I’m just a natural”. Nah, that’s a cruel illusion. The road to success is never linear. Okay, enough with the preaching.
The next few months are exciting, I’ll be at film shoots with pen and paper in hand to see how real professionals do it. I’ll be in the office meeting with clients. I’ll be on the computer fiddling with editing software and everywhere in between? I’ll be thinking about making films.



“You don’t stink, you suck!”

It’s been six weeks and I’m still alive so thank the Heavens for me, please….

This process has been nothing short of a rollercoaster. I’ve had my lows where I thought, I’ll never make it in this industry, but I’ve also had my highs where I’ve had the opportunity to travel to shoots, work with the other interns in improving our individual work, and get to know more about the team.

When I was assigned my introductory project to do a 90-120 second video on Mika Maloney, our non-profit consultant for Projects that Matter, I was eager to begin. After meeting Mika, it was a match made in Heaven! Both our hearts lay in philanthropy and our obsessions in shoes; it was clearly a perfect duo. I had three weeks to complete the project and I would finish in a breeze, with time left over, in tip top shape.

It’s week six and my project’s still on the chopping block…

I know what you’re thinking, what an idiot. But excuse you for even doubting me. Here’s how it all went down.

The beginning felt like a race among the other inters (Pat and Andrew) and I. We were given our assignments and sent off, only to come back with something mind blowingly amazing.

It didn’t take long to disappoint.

Round 1:

If you guys could have seen Justin’s face when I showed him my first rough cut of the video. Remember that time when you parked your (parents) car in your slanted driveway just after receiving your license and turning it off, only to realize you forgot to put it in park…the next day…when it’s slammed head first into the garage. (Sorry, Dad) That look. The sheer face of disappointment. But, I expected it, honestly. I remember thinking, okay, he’s going to shit on me. But if you’re prepared, you can at least catch it.

I knew my footage was shaky and my video didn’t exactly match the message Mika was speaking. I knew changes had to be made, but I didn’t know HOW to make them. I wanted help, but I was unsure how to ask. I was scared.

Round 2:

If you guys could have seen Justin’s face when I showed him my first rough cut of the video. Remember that time when you parked your (parents) car in your slanted driveway just after receiving your license and turning it off, only to realize you forgot to put it in park…the next day…when it’s slammed head first into the garage. (Sorry, Dad) That look. The sheer face of disappointment. But, I expected it, honestly. I remember thinking, okay, he’s going to shit on me. But if you’re prepared, you can at least catch it.

I knew my footage was shaky and my video didn’t exactly match the message Mika was speaking. I knew changes had to be made, but I didn’t know HOW to make them. I wanted help, but I was unsure how to ask. I was scared.

Round 3:

We are finally getting somewhere, people. The project has come together quite nicely with a captivating script and footage to match. But now the team and I have decided to bring in a few new shots of Mika in a different environment, away from the chaos of the world. Crista and I will be shooting next week in Mika’s hometown and I’m excited to learn more about where she comes from.
The truth is, I got lucky. I was nervous to show Justin my rough cuts because I didn’t want to recognize that I could do better than this. Which is weird. Usually when you can do better at something, it motivates you to work harder. But sometimes, people are afraid to see all that they are capable off. It rests outside of their comfort zones.

Moral to the story: FEEDBACK IS YOUR FRIEND. Whether it’s “this fucking blows” or “I’d rather listen to my grandma talk shit about her hairdresser than watch your project again”, it helps you eliminate bad choices you’ve made and make room for the good ones. I can’t let it discourage me if it’s in fact helping me.

I’m grateful for the past six weeks and the experience I’ve gained along the way. I am learning so much each day and it feels great. I hope these next few weeks don’t go too fast. I’m not ready to leave these guys. Or Nov and Griff…

Behind the Scenes



Midway Point

I was talking with Brittany in one of the editing rooms and she was mentioning how she was working on her week six blog and it dawned on me how fast the time here has gone. A lot of that is attributed to how easy it is to get along and work with everyone here in the office. Working at JTWO has given me a lot of chances to exercise my skills as an editor and work as a production assistant on a video shoot. The first project that I worked on had some elements that made it challenging, the element that I thought made it most challenging was mixing all of the sound. The video revolved around a voice over, I had everyone including the interns recite the script to make the video more exciting. Once I completed the video I was satisfied with the over project.

Keeping everything in perspective, managing going to school, the internship here at JTWO and filming skateboarding in between made getting around to school work very challenging. One decision that I am happy to say I did was dropping one of my video classes at the community college. It gave me more time for doing school work because the video class was always at night. This gives me more time to spread myself in more places, creatively at JTWO and cognitively at the Community College of Philadelphia.

The next six weeks that I can look forward to at JTWO seem quite promising in the perspective of projects. I was assigned to rip all the James Brown related DVD’s (large cardboard box filled with DVD’s) and I am looking forward to the smaller projects that get thrown my way. I am mostly excited to get more experience with shooting on the cameras that are available here in the office. I plan to use the JTWO University website the get familiar with the cameras on a technical standpoint and to get used to working with them. At school I have been getting more in depth with understanding audio and ways to work with sound. My teacher is very insightful and is interesting when it comes to lectures. Getting experience with lavalier mics and boom mics will benefit me here at JTWO as well as with my own personal projects. Incorporating quality audio is a very important part of a production and is something I wish to exercise later in the future.