Look Out Midwest, Here We Come!

Today we are proud to announce the official launch of JTWO | Chicago. We will be bringing our full range of Video Production and Post-Production services to Chi-Town along with some of our talented crew. We already have hit the ground running with collaborations with both agencies and clients on the ground.

Justin Jarrett, JTWO Principal Director

Over the past nine years, we have worked tirelessly to grow JTWO into one of the leading video production companies in the city of Philadelphia and we felt like it was naturally time to expand. There are more stories to tell and we felt like Chicago, with it’s deep rooted history and booming creative scene, was the perfect fit. Also, as a diehard Chicago Bulls fan I wanted a reason to attend more games (Don’t worry Philly, I am still Trusting the Process).

Meet Our New Executive Producer


We are proud to announce the newest addition to our team and Executive Producer of our new Chicago branch, Conor (Conaaaa) Hare! Having worked in account management for 9 years, Conor possesses extensive experience in client services and looks forward to expanding JTWO’s name in the midwest to bring stories that matter to life.

Growing up in a household of musicians, Conor always had a passion for storytelling. He loves the way lyrics meet paper and bring memories to life. Since Conor was young he’s been composing and recording his own music alongside his older brothers and finds that there’s truly nothing like it. He appreciates the connection film has with music and believes that together they form a powerful relationship.