JTWO Produces Commercial for


We recently partnered with our long-time Projects That Matter partners to produce a commercial titled, “Not on Sundays.” This spot was produced for several states that currently do not prohibit liquor sales on Sundays. It can be seen on web-based platforms such as Youtube in select southern states. gave our team an opportunity to be creative with the script, which in return let our crew have a lot of fun with the production in this spot. We even had the chance to have some of our Jtwo crew members make cameos in it as well!



Our team partnered up with to produce a witty commercial for several states on prohibiting liquor sales on Sundays




JTWO Collaborates with FIRE on Mighty Ira Documentary

We recently partnered with The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) to assist in the post production process for their feature length documentary, Mighty IraBased on the life of Ira Glasser, the former executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union, this film chronicles his life story and the events surrounding the ACLU when a party of Neo Nazis decided to march on Skokie, Illinois to protest the desegregation of their neighborhoods. Part of the Projects That Matter initiative, the Mighty Ira documentary raises the question: Does the first amendment of the United States constitution protect the free speech of hate groups such as Nazis? Such a complex question requires an even more complex answer, one which Ira Glasser and other ACLU members beautifully articulate throughout the length of the film. Featuring interviews from lawyers, activists, and holocaust survivors, this film is sure to inspire questions about liberty, protest, and individual rights.


Mighty Ira can be found streaming on Amazon Prime, iTunes, Google Play, and YouTube Movies and is coming soon to Blu-ray DVD.


Phase II: Chi-City


By Conor Hare

There was a breath of fresh air that morning as I took in the 32 degree weather outside of O’ Hare Airport. I had left behind an entirely different life in Southern California to start a new chapter, a new experience, and at the time, an unknowingly new career that was ahead of me.

I struggled for the first month or so seeking out my next career move while second guessing to hang up my past career as a Hospitality Director. It wasn’t until I decided to take a long weekend home to my roots in Philadelphia that the germ of the Chicago office idea started to develop. I would frequent JTWO when I came back to Philadelphia for years as Travis and Justin have been long time friends and I always made sure to come antagonize the office with each visit. This time around, I was dreading my second hotel move in Chicago and was just about at wits end to cut the cord.

LISC Chicago - "Hoops In The Hood"

Client: LISC Chicago

We teamed up with LISC Chicago and State Farm to write and produce the Hoops in the Hood brand video for their 13th Annual City Wide Tournament in Downtown Chicago.


Travis, Justin and I stepped out for lunch one afternoon and they were asking me about the move and the new gig out in Chicago. I had to be honest and tell them it wasn’t what I had expected and I wanted out. Suddenly one of us jokingly said, “well let’s just open a Chicago office.” At that moment, on the corner of Chestnut and 4th, we all stopped in our tracks and looked at each other with wide eyes and large smiles.

As the Chicago office began to develop over the first couple months and we started to stomp our footprint in the Windy City, I met a very animated man by the name of LaVonte Stewart. He told me about his non-profit organization Lost Boyz Inc and how the Southside is misunderstood. During this encounter I could see that he was very invested in the kids that resided on the Southside of Chicago as he was once one of them. This began my interest in spreading the word of our Projects That Matter Initiative to help tell the story of the Southside Community.


From the award-winning team that brought you For Aaron: The Documentary comes the inspiring true story of The Lost Boyz of Chicago – a youth baseball league playing to reclaim their community from gang violence within one of the of the most violent neighborhoods in America.


Over the past year and a half in Chicago, we have made a point to work hand in hand with many non-profit organizations who tend to kids who are growing up on the Southside.

Since opening our office in 2018, we have done multiple projects that ultimately help bring awareness and support to over 20 communities in the South of Chicago. We have partnered with Laureus Sport for Good, State Farm, Local Initiative Support Corporation and We Raise Foundation to assist the kids residing in these communities with their voice that needs to be heard on a larger stage so the rest of the world can hear first hand from them and not just from the National News stations.

Employee 001: Mika's Story


I was already a few years into my new career focused on philanthropy for families in a cancer experience when I met the principal players forming JTWO. Divine discontent had given me courage to launch off the path of the typical “dot orgs” to join with some friends who also wanted to make life easier for these families. We were fairly new at our endeavor but we knew we had to do the work to create our brand and to be able to communicate our unique offerings in a contemporary way.

So it was really fun to meet Justin Jarrett, coming in hot out of college with a dream to build out a non-profit component to his business and his passion of making films for what he called Projects That Matter. Video and branded web content were becoming must-haves in the non- profit arsenal. I liked his ideas and I loved his passion.

“I’ll always be the biggest cheerleader for JTWO. It’s in my blood and if you’re in the crew–you’re family.”

For a couple of years it was easy for me to decide on projects worth the expertise that JTWO brought to the table. I immediately recognized Travis Capacete’s talent for editing, creativity and sales as well. Between the two partners, I felt safe and excited to hand over the creative reins for the branding I needed- and it continued successfully, even when I changed companies to further my own development. Referring to the guys and their team to others in the industry was not only done with confidence but it became one of my favorite things to talk about!

In 2012, I recognized that I had probably one summer left to stop everything and just be a mom to my daughter graduating college.

So I did a free fall, knowing that when my daughter left our nest, I’d just KNOW what to do next.

And I did know. The day Justin and Travis came out to meet me for coffee was the beginning of a beautiful co-working relationship, working together to develop more Projects That Matter. They’d have the exact type of projects they wanted and I was able to continue to serve the community. It was all heart.

This relationship continued until my newborn twin grandsons entered the world. It took no courage at all to jump to the side of my work to spend my time taking care of them while my daughter and her husband work full time.

What’s funny is that, a year later, JTWO is still never far from my mind. Their work and impact on the world is just that great. I went from being such a rookie in every single technical aspect of the JTWO business to eventually understanding and admiring what a huge multi-layered pool of talent is required to create brands, decode emotions and develop tools that boil down to one golden nugget: the story. And the end product? It’s magic. It moves mountains and slays dragons. I’ll always be the biggest cheerleader for JTWO. It’s in my blood and if you’re in the crew–you’re family.

PS – I still don’t do call times before 9 AM and if there’s not a Marriott, I’m likely not going on the trip….

JTWO Produces LISC Chicago's Hoops in the Hood Brand Film


LISC Chicago and State Farm came to us through our Projects That Matter Initiative this year and tasked us to produce a brand video for the 13th Annual Hoops in the Hood City Wide Tournament. Hoops in the Hood brings together 17 Chicago communities by the power of organizational basketball. Hoops in the Hood creates safe spaces for youth to interact and build positive relationships with peers and caring adults while making visible use of public spaces and fostering a sense of community. Over the last 13 years, it has positively impacted thousands of Chicago kids and given them a safe place to play organized basketball games across the city of Chicago. 

LISC Chicago - "Hoops In The Hood"

Client: LISC Chicago

We teamed up with LISC Chicago and State Farm to write and produce the Hoops in the Hood brand video for their 13th Annual City Wide Tournament in Downtown Chicago.