New Year. New Coast. In 2024, we are launching JTWO LA, our newest production hub. 

With our HQ firmly established in Philadelphia and a satellite already in Chicago, it only made sense for us to plant roots in LA next. Our JTWO team in LA will be led by Producer + Director Jonathan Raissi. He has extensive experience working across brands, agencies and nonprofits to develop and execute authentic creative that cuts through the noise. Having worked with sportswear juggernauts like Nike and Converse, he has years of industry experience and is committed to bringing impactful stories to bear. 

Our goal in launching JTWO LA is to offer both brands and agencies across the U.S. a cohesive storytelling experience no matter where they are located.

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Yep, We do that too.

We get the question a lot, “Have you worked on a project like this before?” Well, to be completely honest we are a few years deep into this thing and the answer is “yes” way more than “not quite yet” these days. As a Full-Service Film and Video Production Company we get to play in a vast sandbox of projects. National Commercial spots…check. Feature length Documentaries…check, check. A brand film to launch a new company…yep, been there done that! However, we understand that each and every project, just like every client is unique and different. They all have their own stories, and we are lucky enough to write the next chapter.


MOSAIC: "Dan & Kai's Story"

Dan and his son, Kai, explore education through Legos, podcasting, YouTube, and more. Kai views learning as an exciting opportunity, rather than a mundane task.