FullCircle Intermedia

FullCircle Intermedia

When you  grew up loving sports and filmmaking as much as we do, there was only one thing left to do…start a Sports Company that combines them both. So we partnered with some of the most talented people we know like Emmy-Award Winner and CBS/Showtime Host, “JB” James Brown and hit the ground running.

Within a few months of beginning the new venture, we were creating compelling content for athletes, brands, teams & companies within the sports arena around the world. From in depth documentaries about life on and off the field for NFL players to helping launch new digital apps for the World Cup, or crafting national commercial campaigns for sports equipment and apparel companies we were able to leave our mark on the sports world (and pick up a few awards in the process). Our work has been seen on ESPN, Showtime, CBS, and more.

The Projects

Our experienced  team of storytellers, filmmakers, brand specialists and artists have over 300 combined awards and accolades for their work both in front of and behind the camera. Because our team is so versatile, we are able to execute and adapt to any project. Whether it is documentary, commercial, web, animation, radio or print – we are able to breathe life into any story. Explore some of our work below.

Shaq Bella Thorne
Nothing But Nets: Steph Curry
fccla psa
J.G. Wentworth Hawaii

The Lab

I’ve assembled a team of award-winning filmmakers, documentarians, brand specialists and creative professionals to the change the game.


Projects That Matter: Non-Profit Video Production

A JTwo Brainchild


10+ Years of Meaningful Collaborations

In 2010, we launched The Projects That Matter Initiative as a way of using our talents to give back to the world around us. We began partnering with non-profit and social impact organizations within our local community in Philadelphia and donating our time, our equipment and most of all our hearts and minds to help them tell their stories in creative ways they never thought  possible.

It wasn’t long until our new initiative surpassed even our wildest dreams. As word spread, we began collaborating with hundreds of organizations around the world and the projects and productions just kept getting bigger and bigger. Soon, we were flying around the world to places like Africa, India and Haiti.  We were filming commercials in France or brand films in Scotland and educational content in seemingly every part of the United States, but we never lost sight of our original goal.

That is why to this day, even after more than a decade of projects we are committed now more than ever to give back and leave a legacy of impact.


We know that every single project is unique and every story a great responsibility. That is why we take the time to work side by side with our Projects That Matter Partners to craft a plan that makes sense for each individual organization. 

We have been successful time and time again, because we take an integrated approach to storytelling. We keep the entire creative process under one roof, allowing our various production departments to work in unison with one another creating one cohesive vision from concept through delivery. This has allowed us to donate countless production hours and services over the past decade at a level equal to our  commercial clients. However, most importantly, this has allowed us to work with and meet the most incredible people that have trusted us with their stories.


  • Your organization must be a qualifying 501c3
  • In exchange for the reduced services cost, we require sponsorship entitlements to be identified at all major events and on your website throughout the year so that we can continue spreading the word about Projects That Matter.


MOSAIC: "Dan & Kai's Story"

Dan and his son, Kai, explore education through Legos, podcasting, YouTube, and more. Kai views learning as an exciting opportunity, rather than a mundane task.